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Al-Azhar UniversityAl-Azhar University is a natural expansion of the great mosque of Al-Azhar, which was completed in 972 (361 AH) in Cairo, Egypt. It is one of the oldest universities in the world and the most esteemed of Islamic academic institutions.

The first lectures were delivered there in 975. While ten thousand students once studied in the Al-Azhar Mosque, today university classes are conducted in adjacent buildings and the mosque is reserved for prayer.

The University of Al-Azhar continually promotes intellectual unity among Muslims everywhere in the Islamic world, safeguards its language, and seeks to reform Islam's cultural heritage and illuminate it for the benefit of mankind. Its classical focus has been upon the Quranic sciences, fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and the traditions of the Prophet.

This location has tremendous cultural and historical richness for an Arabic immersion language program. This program will take place at the University's facilities in the Medina Nasr area of Cairo.


Program Details

  • $3000 fee includes roundtrip airfare from New York City, ground transportation in Cairo, lodging and tuition waiver.
  • Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Classes meet five days a week, six hours per day with extensive homework and rote memorization.
  • CEUs and college credit available for additional fees.