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By the grace of Allah, I was able to have a wonderful experience with Al Ameen in their Arabic intensive program. The experience has left me with a much better understanding of the Arabic language and an even more of a desire to master it. Classes were conveniently 5 days a week and were very beneficial. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn the Arabic language with great teachers and a wonderful experience overall. Expect a great challenge from the teachers! The experience there was just amazing! - Suhail Summer 2008
I first wanted to thank the entire staff at Al-Ameen Associates for allowing me to participate in the program. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end, having no prior Arabic lessons or tajweed lessons it was a struggle for me at first, but I prayed to Allah for the guidance and patience to endure and as always He answered. I would like to state for those who are thinking of attending - be prepared - the program is very much as it is called - "intensive". I would recommend it for anyone no matter the level they are currently at, it has given me a higher level of reverance for the arabic language. Shukran. - Nashid Summer 2008
The program in Egypt was a massive boost in my Arabic studies. When you are around other Arabic-speaking people, and you are doing intensive repetition in class, and you are using most of the vocabulary everyday, many of the words will soon just flow right off your tongue! Yes it is an intensive program with lots of homework, but it is worth every dime, nickel, penny and minute! - Ibrahim Summer 2008
I would recommend attending this program. The teachers and faculty care about each person and want everyone to have a successful time. I enjoyed the Qur'anic classes the most because every day we memorized more of the beautiful Qur'an and learning the rules for recitation. It was an immediate expanding of knowledge. This program also provides an authentic experience of living temporarily in an Arabic-speaking country. Salaam. - Gulhana Summer 2008
Studying Arabic in Egypt was an interesting experience for me. Inside classrooms, I’d learned grammar and new vocabularies; all taught in Fusha by our dedicated, passionate teachers. Outside classrooms, such as in Khan-el-Khalili or inside Cairo’s black and white cabs, I managed to pick up lots of ‘Armiyah phrases. People might say that Egyptians speaking ‘Armiyah in their daily life is a disadvantage against learning the ‘proper’ Arabic in Egypt. I found out that I was actually delighted to learn ‘Armiyah. I really had fun conversing with Egyptians on many things. The whole Arab world is pretty familiar with the Egyptian dialect anyways, so don’t be afraid to learn some ‘Armiyah while in Egypt.

What makes this program terrific is its Al Azhar atmosphere. We students were required to memorize new Quranic verses and also hadiths everyday. We also prayed together everyday. On the weekends, we went to various historical masjids and important Islamic sites together. The brotherhood and sisterhood within the group were very strong.

Lastly, Dr Jones, Sister Matiniah, and all Al Ameen staff members were all really helpful. They tried their best to ensure we get the best learning experience while in Egypt; that included creating a home-like environment in our spacious yet safe apartments. Jazakumullah khayran! Salaam. - Satrio Summer 2008
My experience with this intensive Arabic program was in fact INTENSE! I would recommend that you only apply to go if you are serious about learning Arabic and immersing yourself in Islamic culture. I enjoyed it very much with all its ups and downs. Needless to say, it was extremely hot, and to go to school five days a week was quite rigorous. However, you are going there to learn a very difficult language, so this is NOT a vacation by any means. You do get some time off to explore, but please make no mistake about it…you are there to study!

As a Christian, I wanted to learn about the Islam, and I did. For me, this program was worth every penny. Thus, I would go again if I could afford it! Please remember to pack as if you were going camping. Bring every little thing you may need to stay healthy or just for your own comfort. Also, only pack breathable clothing, and do not forget to use sun block. Good luck to you! With every blessing. - Lyna Summer 2008
Summer 2008 was my first time travelling abroad to study Arabic, although my husband has studied in Yemen and in Saudi for extended periods. Our summer 2008 experience in Cairo, Egypt was a valuable and memorable 5 weeks. The Al-Ameen staff and the summer institute faculty were attentive, hospitable, caring and nurturing to both young and old. The student body represented a cross section of American society and made for an interesting mix. The accommodations were very good, having native speakers teaching in their own environment was a plus and the proximity to the cultural resources made the trip worth every nickel. We recommend this program to folks who are not afraid of concentrated study and serious homework. - Dr Qadir & Sr Beverly Summer 2008
Assalamu Aleikum, I must say that it was quite an experience, alhamdulillah I benefited immensely from the program, especially in the Tajweed section. Upon arrival, I expected much less than what we were told would be offered to us. The apartments were clean, the neighborhood was great (especially the little kids whom would walk us to the souks, -market place). All in all, the atmosphere was great and so was the energy, both brothers and sisters helped each other with their homework and many organized outings to the pyramids/Alexandria... We had special school buses that would take us to school, that was neat

The curriculum was intense and so was the homework load-however our efforts were rewarded and our Arabic grammar and vocabulary improved within the first 2 weeks. Expect a minimum of 2 hours of homework a night, perhaps more (for the higher levels.)

The Tajweed class was great (maybe because we had A/C, must have went by faster) the teacher is great, she' taught us all the rules of tajweed and her fluency in English made it much easier for the non-Arabic speakers. If you're serious about learning Arabic and if you have the discipline required for this then I recommend this program to you. The program enables you to both learn Arabic and immerse yourself in an Egytian environment which will force you to practice and make use of what you learn in class. Al-Ameen also offered an after school tutoring service, which i didn’t use very often, but heard from roommates that it was very beneficial.

Everyone was great, Rosemary, Sr Matiniah, Br Jones answered all the questions and concerns we had, thank you for that. Enjoy the journey, you'll love it. I know I did. Gave sister Matiniah and Dr Jones a little bit of trouble, but such is life, we were just making sure they were doing their job :)

All the best, - Wafa Summer 2008


Program Details

  • $3000 fee includes roundtrip airfare from New York City, ground transportation in Cairo, lodging and tuition waiver.
  • Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Classes meet five days a week, six hours per day with extensive homework and rote memorization.
  • CEUs and college credit available for additional fees.