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The Al-Ameen program is ideal for those who have a limited span of time yet want an intensive Arabic learning experience. Our instructors were truly top-notch and very dedicated to accommodating student needs, and it's nice to have the Al-Azhar certificate. The organizers' arrangements for housing, transportation, and access to food and other provisions provide peace of mind to travelers in a foreign country. Of course, it was great to be in Cairo, where so many layers of history and culture can be appreciated. It was a wonderful experience overall. — Munir Summer 2006
The best part for me about the class was the opportunity to get away from the everyday routine, make that commitment to study, and work with some wonderfully talented young people. I would love to return and bring a couple of students. The Tajweed class was my favorite. It really explained why we pronounce Arabic the way we do and it gets you to reflect on our deen from an educational perspective. I enjoyed the living accommodations because they were away from the hussle and bussle of the city, yet a cab ride away from the fun. I would have liked to have some field trips that combined language development and sight seeing. — Basimah Summer 2006
I chose the Intensive Arabic Immersion Program because I have a Ph.D. that is now old-1989-and decided to see if I could get jump started back into Arabic. It worked! I stayed up all night reading and studying once a week for the first two weeks. In our small class of six people, at least three of us worked this hard and all had satisfying results. The instructor interspersed the grammar instruction with aspects of Qur'anic balagha (rhetoric) that helped us to understand why the Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) both loved and understood the Quran with much more depth than many of us Muslims do today. I really hope that Allah allows me to attend again next year; indeed, if the program were stretched to eight weeks, I hope Allah would allow me to be a part of it. — Mukhtar Summer 2006
The trip to Cairo through the Al-Ameen program was the best thing that happened to me. Alhamdulillah, I had a blast. I fell in love with everything there, including their food, their shops, and even their people. Egypt is THE PLACE to go for learning Arabic language and Arab culture. What I liked about this program is that there is something in it for everyone. For example, if your sole purpose is to learn Arabic, the teachers were not only excellent, but patient, hard-working and dedicated. They seemed more like friends than teachers. At the same time, there is plenty of time for those who want to do sight-seeing and experience the Egyptian lifestyle. Going to class every morning was tough at times, but in the end, it is only the good times that you remember and cherish forever. I would be more than happy to answer any questions from potential students. — Sarah Summer 2006
My trip with Al-Ameen Associates to Cairo was a great experience that I will never forget. The program provided a excellent opportunity for me, as a non-Arab, to immerse myself in the Arabic language, Quran, and the culture. The Arabic lessons are intense, but the teachers care a lot about your progress and will become good friends, making the learning process much easier. On the weekends, there is still plenty of time to go sightseeing and shopping. Last year our group went to Alexandria, the Pyramids, the Old City, a rural farm, and on a cruise. I probably went to Kon Al-kolehee Market near Al-Azhar Mosque ten times. — James Summer 2006
My experience with the program was for the most part positive. I learned a lot of Arabic that I use in classes and with friends. I made friends in Egypt that I still talk to at least weekly. I got a chance to go overseas and learn about a culture very different than what I know. Everyone should do that at least once in their life. — Krysta Summer 2006
I feel that the Arabic program was just what the doctor ordered. Not only was the program excellent, so was the stay. Congratulations to all the students and may Allah shower all of us with his blessing. Mas muka (smile). — Faruq Summer 2006


Program Details

  • $3000 fee includes roundtrip airfare from New York City, ground transportation in Cairo, lodging and tuition waiver.
  • Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Classes meet five days a week, six hours per day with extensive homework and rote memorization.
  • CEUs and college credit available for additional fees.