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Al Ameen group at annual visit with the Sheikh of Al AzharCordoba University, Al-Azhar University and Al-Ameen Associates are offering an Intensive Arabic Immersion Program in Cairo, Egypt from June 23rd through July 28th, 2010. 

Al-Ameen Associates was established by Dr. James E. Jones and Matiniah Yahya M.Ed. in 1994 to provide high-quality consultation, education and counseling services.

Dr. Jones is a professor of Comparative Religion at The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences and an Associate Professor of World Religion at Manhattanville College. He has a M.A. from Yale Divinity School and a D.Min. from Hartford Seminary. Dr. Jones is the Director of the Al-Azhar Arabic Summer Immersion Program. Matiniah Yahya is a certified teacher with a Masters in elementary education and over two decades of experience as an educator.

Clients of Al-Ameen Associates include Yale University and the New Haven Public School system.